Importance of Importance

If I made you important…

If I made you important…
Could you handle your importance?
If your important to me, you’ve got a significant importance..
Anything you do wrong will hurt.
Because I’ve been dragged through the dirt,
Stepped on and kicked to the outskirts,
Left to run like warm desserts,
On the hood of a hot car in the hot desert…
Deserted I was,
Deserted by love, trust, honor, respect, & that’s when I succumbed to lust.
Cause lust made me feel good.
I mean real good.
Like lust took me to a 3 way stop that’s options
4 way stops without caution
Even 5 ways on my birthday made me feel special enough to have such a big portion.
Could I put all that into you?
Could I make you important enough to do what 3 4 or 5 could do?
Cause I see you as, I see any possession.
Cause I’ve learned to live with or without them through my progression.
So if you can a test to why you should be my one and only, tell me now and I’ll have no objection.
But sorry if I’m a little insured with the way I am it’s only for protection.
So are you important enough for me to have a mid life reflection?

Sing me a lullaby…

Her voice played in harmony with the arousing feeling my dick gets when it gets wet.
When the tip of her brain is at my finger tips and her fingertips graze the mic and lips and my mind at the same time.
And my mind, my mind gets stripped of the time when she invests it, in the motion of her vocals divine.
When her vocals divine sounds, intertwines with the mind in my legs.
Cause her voice, her voice is angelic and every lick of her lips, was raising my hips and hands saying oh God and ish, like I was catholic.
To say how good she is, would be an understatement, to say the least, cause when she’s done she sings me to sleep and after my prayers I roll over without a peep.
So sing me a lullaby…

Who am I kidding… (Sneek Peek)

Sweater weather, 
Sun-set illuminated her attire.
Bottle of Chardonnay not really quenching her desires
She wanted more..
Glancing out at the horizon,
Sweater clenching her fingers with just enough room to let the insides of her thighs in....
I couldn't have been more on time as I was on pace to beat my clock around the block.
When I heard her yell out STOP!
As she waved me down I was at a crossroad.
Do I save this angelic vixen, 
Let her take me to her marble kitchen,
Knee highs rubbing against my ears forcing me to listen.
To all the secrets of a lonely house wife or soccer mom or just independent woman.
Do I put her hands up against the glass,
Watch the sunrise from the edge of her ass?
Hands punching, head butting, the glass,
We have the horizon on smash.
Lift her up against the glass,
While I fuck her world and let the horizon kiss her ass.
Or do I leave her on the edge of her balcony? 
Calling to me, and continue to beat my clock.

Ans stop listening to MY COCK!

Fuck it,
Who am I kidding...
"Mind Fucked"

Let me be the one to speak to your skin. Deep conversations, poetic sensations…
When your hairs elevate, to the words I narrate along your skin, I hope they penetrate, your garden of secrets. And you can scream and moan them to me, pull you in close and loan them to me. I’ll pay you back with interest, when you invest with me.
Lets go word for word. Action for Action, Verb for Verb.
Will have a debate,
My tongue will sail from your pierced centered island. And navigate its way to a safer place to conversate. I mean converse, the secrets that your moans and screams detonate inside my mind reasons I can’t concentrate. Because no matter early breakfast or late night late your always on my mind…
I’ve been mind fucked!
And I like it…

"All Red Everything" Part 2 #RedLightSpecial

All Red Everything…

(Red Light Special)
“This is ALL…FOR…YOU!”
As she ran to the bed and jumped in. I looked around the room. Candles lit, red sheets, red and white roses that led to the sheets. Red roses that surrounded a bucket of ice where she put the Rozay. I walked towards her she yelled “No way no way, you go take a shower and I’ll slip into something else. “Ok..” Was all I said as I head to the shower. As I stepped out the shower a red robe await me, put it on opened the door what a sight great me. Three Rozay poured glasses and waiting with the bucket on the dresser. The roses that were around the bucket was the only form of clothes that dressed her. TLC playing loud as she sung it out “oh baby it’s yours all yours, if you want it tonight” and I wanted it alright. Whose laughing now old man who. Don’t know why I had to justify to an old man who was neither here nor there. As I looked at my baby triangle tip of roses covering her garden. Roses that started from her milk cartons making an arrow down south making it easy directions I didn’t have to stop and beg her pardon. I knew where I was headed. As I knelt down she pulled me up and said no. I thought it was crystal clear but she had her own agenda.
She pulled me in kissed me like it was new to her, pulled me in like she wanted me to go through her. Climbed on top and told me I’m not gunna get to do her but were trading places. Hand cuffing me to the bed, kissing my forehead lips and neck as she head south. Hand over mouth motion as I lifted my head to look down. Looking back at me as I lay helpless yet pleased. She then stopped got up and walked away and said “that was just a tease…”

Left me there tied to the bed screaming out to her as she walked away. Shimming and yelling trying to get free. That’s when I couldn’t believe…
In walked her and her friend crawling towards me. It all made sense the 3 glasses of Rozay the car parked beside the driveway but I was to wet and horny to realize. As they got on the bed looking at me as I looked around. Then sliding there hands up my legs grabbing my shaft leaning forward…

"Lady In Red" Inspired Poem By: Natacia Nicole

Another very honored moment, this poem was written by my friend Natacia follow her at @Taciiaa_ she wrote this poem inspired by my writing, after reading my poem “Lady In Red”

Her arms wrapped around his waist pulling him close enough to feel her heat. Her mouth leaving trails of kisses on the side of his neck to his chest.
Her hands gliding over bare skin as she seeks her pleasure. Feeling the contrast of soft skin over a hard body.
Her pulse increases until it seems about to burst. She touches him softly.Hearing him moan.Leans down to taste the essence of his soul.
His groans, music to her ears. His hands buried in her hair as she loves him, blowing soft air on him. She stands up and walks away…
Satisfied that he’ll beg for more…

All Red Everything “All For You”

Decided to release pt1 early pt2 is coming Valentines day at 12:01am lol… Enjoy!
All Red Everything…

(All For You)
Hand full of red roses a bottle of Rozay and the phone rings, really… Put the bottle under my arm and pull out the phone. “Hey babe.”
The reply was subtle yet sexually enticing, “when you get home I’m giving you the red light special.” The sound of that was igniting. Heard the phone hang up and with a grin, ran out the store. Nearly running into a poor, old man. Who seemed grumpy by a flare of red running by him. Until the flare of red was written all over my face, and he wore a grin. As a bus whizzed by sending a tsunami of slush to wash away my grin, and make me cry a little inside.
Drenched from head to toe, sauggy sauggy toes that probably stink. I walk up to the door open it and could barely blink. Cause there she was…
Red bottoms pointing in my direction, by the painted toes that matched and were connected to the legs handing me an erection. Legs crossed off but needed no correction wearing my red jersey winning the #1 fan election. Jersey cut in all the right places to show a little under boob as I felt like a boob as I storm in like what the cat dragged in. “Ahh baby what a sin,” she says “Are those for me?” I nodded to her she jumped up “How sweet.”
Now as if not noticing my attire she got up and slowly started taking off my clothes. Even took off the sauggy socks on my sauggy toes. Right there at the door then put it on the floor walked me up stairs opened our door and said “this is ALL…FOR…YOU!”

S/o the women who see what there man is doing for them and even if it doesn’t work out they hold him down and make him feel better. That’s love!

Can I Keep You…

"Can I Keep you?" Written by Shanelle Parchment In response to my poem "Can I have you"

I heard the whole thing. The Idiot forgot he was put on hold. No excuse though. He was cheating. Mr. Hugh. In the midst of our separation he had led me to believe we could fix things. Late nights, Late mornings…

The lean in his walk as he entered our home led me to suspect that of my husband. The Ignored calls led me to the fact I’d been betrayed. The receipts let me know that he’d found someone else… And the black book behind the bar?
He’s a cheater. I knew it, but even still; I wanted him to admit it. I listened closely… As she massaged him, the way I use to do. She made him feel good, pure, rejuvenated. She made him feel alive. The way I use to.
I continued to listen… As the books hit the floor the tears started streaming… I was hurt. Betrayed. He’d betray me. My husband. And after he’s finished up he’ll be on his way home; to me. The tears keep coming down; I couldn’t stop them.
The memories, the laughs, our beautiful children… It was all over.
A wave of disgust, anger, hatred, and pain came over me.
I couldn’t believe it. When she said she’d loved him I hung up the phone. My Spanish wasn’t the greatest but te amo ain’t no secret. And neither was his.
Zinfandel met me as I entered the kitchen downstairs. 3 glasses of wine sure do help take the edge off. Marvin sang my sorrows away. When I felt drunk enough I headed for the stairs, for my room; my security.
He’d been there. Lying there. All 6 feet of him. I turned to the nightstand; reached in the drawer and pulled out a pen.
Breathe in…I told myself. Breathe out… I let it go. I wrote the prettiest D.Hugh you’d ever seen. One last time; like the so many I’d given away.

I looked at the finish product and smiled with ease, happiness; delight.
They’d serve him by the end of the week and that would be that. I put the divorce papers away and turned the lights off. Took a Deep Breath, rolled over and kissed him. A new man, a new light; his best friend. A real man who was able to recognize a real woman. I put his phone back on the nightstand beside him and went back to bed. “Are you happy now.” I heard him say dryly; half awake, half asleep.
“Can I keep you?” Asked him, the burn in my heart unimaginable, the tears in my eyes uncontrollable. “You can’t keep what you already have…” He chuckled with a smile. “I feel so empty,” brutally honest I replied. “Fill me up.” And that’s exactly what he did. Mind, body and soul.

I was truly honored and moved when I received this. I’m glad my poetry is moving people to write let alone follow my path and continue my path on their own. To take my story to another level.

Can I Have You…

Story Poem…

Can I Have You…

Wake up at my desk, to the sound of the cleaning lady’s vacuum passing by. “Goodnight Mr. Hugh,” she says in her sweet Latin accent. Another late night at the office. Covered in all this paperwork, this job drives me bizzerk. “Another late night Mr.Hugh?” Without looking up I reply, “the worst.” I hear the vacuum turn off as I hear footsteps moving towards me. Still not looking up I yell out, “you shouldn’t be in here.” “Shhh,” she replies “I’ll give you a quick massage loosen you up a bit and be out of your hair before anyone knows I’m here.” I could use a massage “but what if they catch you” she snapped back “then for you to feel better would be worth it.” Skeptically looking outside wondering who would see, but how could I say no when her hands began massaging me.

"You have so much tension,
Maybe you get new chair.”
As my eyes were closed I could hear her sweet accent ringing in my ears.
“Ya, new, ugh, chair, right, on it,” I replied in my own dimension.
As her breasts grazing my head caught my attention. “Done!” “NO,” I snapped back “I mean, ugh, ya your right, never mind thank you”
She walked towards the door me flushed with emotions put my head down to regain my cool.

A faint click of the door locking made me raise my head only to see the cleaning lady in her laced black Victoria secrets walking towards me. Astonished and job conscious I said “you can’t” “oh silence with your cants” she said with her sweet accent.

"Mr. Hugh when your near I lick my lips so slick you’d think they were glass. The heat in my eyes, the sensitivity alone turns my every touch into fire until my clothes are ash and I can’t help but feel a thousand needles of want, need, and a dire annoyance of thriving sex building in the air surrounding my every senses. I WANT, you in my mouth plugging my every moan. I need, your touch on my fiery skin as I burn even heavier with greed as you pull my hair and feed inch after inch deeper inside me. Take control, slap my ass put me on your desk and make me scream, and cream for you. Can I have you? Mr. Hugh"

Stunned I was not saying a word jaw open just thinking, WHAT THE HECK! She then turned around picked up her clothes and heading to the door. I said “one sec,” “I know your gunna tell my supervisor” she replied, “no, just let me clear my desk.”



Not a gold digger but her vocab was gold and digging deeper into my attraction…
Each golden word rolling off that golden tongue, off her golden lips, splashing on the tip of my golden confidence, and splashing down. Sensational feeling that made my attention grip her closer, and get deeper with my silver tongue.
Telling her to tell me them secrets that Victoria hides. Sweet nothing’s that make her open wide so I can get deep inside. Deeper into her penetrated walled barrier. People leaking out from walls as if finally set free the rebellion. Ocean waves as my silver tongue continued to free her mind, but her mind, was set on freeing mine. Her golden tongue hit overdrive vocab insane. Each lick of her lips with that golden tongue along the coast of my confidence was stroking brain. Wrapping up my guards and tossing them into oceans of taste buds eating away at my resistance. Confidence at an all time low I grip for all my life on my last little bit dig my silver tongue deeper into her barrier and sieging the rear I sent a wave of soldiers at her golden tongue as she weakens to surrender…


New Custom Poem: ignorance

In support of the Kony movement, touches on the weapons of mass destruction era, and the floods that took place around that time in New Orleans. Also other genocides happening today and before… SPEAK UP!

The blind are here leading the blind… The deaf are here hearing the mute… The mute are here talking the truth… The truth is right there for the blind to see…

Get the picture…

The blind can’t see nothing yet their here leading the troops. Just cause we’re so far and can’t hear nothing, doesn’t mean we don’t know what to do. Cause closed mouths don’t get fed, at least that’s what mama said. And mama always knew the truth. “We” just never asked questions, cause “we” couldn’t see passed I’m only one person… What if we all thought to follow the blind? Would we eventually see how much it’s killing us… What if we never heard cries for help? Would tears drown the ones crying for us? The ones who never speak know exactly what’s going on… So why march in silence? And let this life go on?

How many years did we hear about weapons of mass destruction? Where are those weapons and why toss the leader out at sea? Oh ya I forgot we’re pirates sorry had my patch over my eyes I could see… What about the voices being heard from oceans away, starving children in need of support today? Whose feeding those babies? Whose giving them hope? If the choice was yours now, Would you hand them a rope? Or hand them a gun and tell them fight for your freedom? Over 66,000 child soldiers 2 million people killed, how’d it take us so long to hear what Kony had built…

Why do people stay silent when faced with the truth? The brutality these people create killing the youths, places of good times are deserted thinking they’ll will walk in and shoot… Whose providing these guns? Whose creating this war? If you know the truth why you hiding it for?

Or maybe your sheltered… So you don’t see there’s a war… Well before I join in I’m loading my gun with bullets that chase ignorance…

Knock Knock

Who is it? Me at your front door…

Feel free to pass this along just tag me in it @juvi_js

An original poem I wrote about my love for lips on a female body… Lips are the first thing I think about when looking at a woman… Kisses can make or break a relationship candidate so here is lips…

Soft, smooth, seductive, succulent lips…
The type of lips that take your mind on trips.
Just looking at them…
Draws an imagination one couldn’t make up,
The kind you want to wake up.
And when they wake up,
They take up,
Imaginations path and speak the truth along your skin,
Full or thin,
They leave trails of lipstick.
To let you know they’ve been
Down the beaten path,
Up the hardened shaft,
Back and forth like laps,
No sweat but leave a splash.
The kind that grab your face by the hips,
Pull you close for a dip,
Have you biting the tips,
Licking each lip,
Tightening their drip,
For when you slide in every inch.
Lips both north and south.
Both smooth and soft,
Succulent and seductive,
That take your mind on sexual trips…